Analyze, set up or modify small business or nonprofit accounting system, provide temporary management, consulting. Help you with your start-up documentation, licensing, registering fictitious name, etc.


We have worked with a variety of businesses and from non-profits, including retail.

Our niche is helping small and medium sized clients develop proper processes and ensure sustainability.


We will help you establish your business or nonprofit, assist you in design of your financial accounting system, and/or analyze your existing organization and marketing in order to maximize your impact.


"Jim is one of those people who knows how to get things done. I got to know him when he ran the Long Beach Rescue Mission. Jim has a wealth of knowledge and can spot problems - and then figure out how to solve them. I would recommend Jim to anyone who is looking for that kind of person."


John Oppenheim ~ Sales and Marketing Consultant at MarshallGIS

Rev. Jim Lewis